Dragon Age 2 Fenris Romance Mod

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On the default ProBoards theme it should look something like this: Even if you don't use the permanent glow in your game, you should at least check out Fenris Face Fix and Duchell's companion morphs links at bottom. Credit goes to tabsensei for the "Jedi Master" jacket mod and LordTabookie for the Dante version that inspired my jacket retexture work. And, of course, a HUGE thanks to tmp for his LightWave plugin and advice, without which, the gauntlet and boot editions of the jacket retextures would not be possible.

My sincerest appreciation to jandwivey, htrivass, and FenPhile for their fabulously awesome user-submitted screenshots! And a VERY special thanks to setiweb for not only the great screenshots but also the fantastic videos and endless awesomeness! Did I mention that setiweb is awesome? Truly, without support like you all have given, sharing mods wouldn't be worth it. IF YOU PLAN TO ROMANCE FENRIS, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE ROMANCE TOKENS FILE, OTHERWISE YOU WILL SEE A FLOATING RED WRISTBAND WHERE HIS ROMANCED BAND SHOULD BE.

If you're using a permanent glow and would like one of the different eye colors, you MUST have Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors mod installed link at bottom. As a word of warning, the files are rather large. If you discover that they're causing your game to lag, delete the files. There are a number of known issues with this mod, most notoriously, the tiling issues with the permanent glow options, including blood splatter and Fenris's cutscene glow.

My Improved Fenris Glow mod works perfectly with the jacket retextures, but the markings do not line up properly on Fenris's face when using the permanent glow because of the way the glowing face texture is forced to behave. If you are upgrading from the v 1 version, you MUST delete the previous version of this mod; however, you do not have to run the uninstaller, as this only replaces the core files used in the mod.

This mod adds four repeatable romance scenes for each of the in-game love interests, three shared among all LIs and one unique to each. Scenes may be activated by interacting with the bed in the Hawke Estate after the romance has been confirmed meaning after Anders and Merrill have moved in with you in Act 2, after Isabela's and Fenris's romances have been confirmed after their Act 3 quests, or after Sebastian proposes.

The activated scene will be random and may occasionally result in the same scene playing several times in a row, as I don't have a better way to control multiple scenes playing at this time. This mod overrides the usual line fired off when interacting with the bed even before any romance has been confirmed, so sorry if you really liked hearing about how Dog keeps jumping on the bed.

Agenda for Subsequent Release: First of all, these scenes do have a few small clipping issues - I was severely restricted in terms of how much I was able to do with the base cutscenes an animations, and I'd love to eventually get some custom animations, fix the clipping issues and add some more in.

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