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Get your best pictures rated for free on websites like FaceTheJury. Collecting GOOD, RELIABLE feedback in every way you can is essential to quickly developing a winning strategy. Yes, there is a ton of information out there. Legend and I wrote a book on how to successfully Meet Girls Online. Like everything else we produce, it has to work. The reason it has to work is we are real-time coaches in the real world.

We have to be able to demonstrate results in real-time in the real world, always, or we fail as coaches. We have never taken that approach — we coach first, get our clients ridiculous results and then if we have the time , write it all down! The Boston PUA Lair. Home About Contact Us Newsletter Catalog Subscribe Pick-up Evolution Self-Improvement Through Dating Advice, Pick-up Artist PUA Tips, Seduction Mastery, Relationships and Inner Game.

Mastering Online Dating by Edge in Ask a Pick-up Artist. What can I do to pick up girls online effectively? With all that said, online game is heavily weighted toward having a great strategy. How many e-mails you sent that day The subject-lines you are choosing to use Actions you are taking e. What does not seem to be working?

Collect as much feedback as you can about your profile. Im Chris and yes thats about the extent of my spanish! And for some reason i wish they had a "How to write your plenty of fish bio for dumbies book. P I just moved to Golden for schooling. I am a complete goofball and random. I like to have fun and am usually smiling.. I am new to this area and I am trying to find some fun high quality people to hang out with and be around. I like to think the people that somebody has around them tells you a little about themselves.

I may seem like a frat boy or something from my pictures but i guarantee I am more than that! Tell me if you believe me after the first time we talk I do drink socially and if thats a dealbreaker then it was nice to have met well kind of i guess you had a nice read!! But i do believe in having fun whether its having a couple of shots and funny cheers moments with friends, to sitting in one of those oddly comfortable lawn chairs gathered around a table playing spades and talking.

I am quite sarcastic and feisty! So if you dont mind having some fun sarcasm, then im more than welcome to see how quick you are on your feet! If you read this far and want to talk, why not?!? I talk to random people all the time. There's nothing to it and its damn good fun usually! Share Share this post on Digg this Post! Share on Twitter fadzkiller likes this. Profile example I like the "I talk to random people all the time" line. I might plagiarize that.

It's funny, projects confidence, and says that you're social. Since I made mine about freakin' pirates I have been doing better. I guess the key goal is this: Don't write about your hobbies, music choices, or anything else typical. Substantiate your personality with a cool profile, but leave everything else to mystery. Also, I was just wondering, have you tried OkCupid? I like that site a lot because there's a ton of chicks on it.

It's even got a real girly theme. Profile example haha i do. Profile example I like your profile ex, it is really good and clear. Profile example haha thnx bud. Profile example To be more effective on your online dating, you need to put some short message in your header. You need to pay attention to your header because it is the most important Online Dating Tips in order to attract other people.

The header is a space provided for you to put a message that attracts attention clever, funny, intelligent quotes or any that will attract a person to click on your profile and continue reading. Join Date Oct Posts 1 Points 72 Level 1 Thanks 0 Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts Rep Power 0. Online dating profile example My current header.

Attracting Beautiful Women Easily… How To Create The Ultimate Online Dating Profile