Finger Length Sexuality Test

Only gay men with several older brothers had an unusually "masculine" finger ratio - in other words, they had significantly shorter index fingers. Having a large number of older brothers had previously been established as a factor predisposing men to homosexuality, and like finger length reflects prenatal androgen exposure. Homosexual men without older brothers had finger length ratios indistinguishable from heterosexual men, indicating that factors other than hormones - such as genetic influences - also contribute to sexual orientation.

This is because they suggest younger brothers are being exposed to higher levels of androgen in the womb than their elders. Womb 'memory' "We think it is inescapable that the mother's body is remembering how many sons she has carried before, and somehow she is then increasing the amount of androgen that each subsequent son sees before birth. So the fascinating questions are: Scientists in the UK have given it a cautious reception.

They say far more work is required to back up some of the ideas contained in the research. It may be informed speculation, but I think when we get on to a subject as touchy as sexual orientation we need to clearly define what is speculation and what is fact. It could well be different, he said. Others cannot hope to understand. Each step conveys confidence, strength, and hotness.

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Sexuality: Your Telltale Fingertips